I’m Helenka, a 30-something blogger and married mother of two.  I like to say that I stumbled my way into motherhood as result of ‘maternal curiosity’ rather than some deep desire to have children. But am I glad I tested those waters!  My children have given me purpose and direction in life, and opened my heart to the most all-consuming love I’ve ever felt.

That’s not to say that life is rose-tinted or Instagram-perfect.  There are days I consider eating my young rather than rearing them.  It’s in the mundane, fatigued and often ordinary days that I find humour in our circumstances. There’s not a bodily function, embarrassing moment or ‘kid-ism’ I won’t write about.  I provide a raw, refreshingly honest & no holds barred account of motherhood.

So strap on that maxi-pad and strengthen those pelvic floor muscles, let’s laugh at motherhood together.

Helenka – The Unlikely Mummy.